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The Ruint Doll Hazels Loss of Innocence in Kettle Bottom - Literature Essay Samples

The Appalachian mining camps of the early twentieth century are a source of many difficult memories for the people affected by them. If mining is dangerous today, it was even more so then, when there were no unions and company owners had complete control over their workers. Many lives were lost, and those lives are not limited to the mine workers. The families of the workers also were involved in the struggles. Many died in the process. Thus, while the mine workers suffered, their families also dealt with a large share of the difficulties. Diane Gilliam Fisher’s Kettle Bottom is a poetry collection that deals with this period of Appalachian history. Fisher is very interested in the effects of the mining industry on the families of the workers. In fact, the majority of the poems in the collection are from the point of view of a miner’s loved one. Within the collection, there are four poems which are all entitled â€Å"My Dearest Hazel.† They are epistolar y poems sent from an unnamed woman to her sister Hazel. Children are a problem for Hazel and her husband because of the increasingly volatile struggle for miners’ rights, so she makes the decision to have an abortion when she becomes pregnant. Fisher uses Hazel’s four poems to make a strong statement about the difficulty of life for a miners wife.In the first poem, the writer is encouraging Hazel not to marry. Her fiancà ©, Turley, has begun mining. The writer’s own husband is a miner, and she wants Hazel to have a better life than her own. The speaker says that Turley â€Å"has took to [mining] like a fish to water† (Fisher 9). This simile makes a strong connection to the dependence the miners have on their companies. A fish takes to water because it cannot live without it; neither can the miners live without the company. Company owners of the time methodically indebted the miners, so that they depended on their work for the very basics of life. Without the company store’s binding credit, miners could not afford food, housing or medicine for their families. The speaker goes on to say that their father also â€Å"took to drink like a fish to water† (9). By using the same simile to describe an addiction, Fisher continues the negative implication of working in the mine. In the last three lines of the poem, the speaker says, â€Å"I’m telling you, Hazel, for the sake of your own / sweet soul, when Clayton kisses me now / I don’t taste nothing but coal† (9). The rhyming of the words â€Å"soul† and â€Å"coal† when no other rhyme exists in the poem implies an intense connection between the two words. Fisher thereby emphasizes the deadly ties between the coal and the souls of its workers. In the second of the Hazel poems, Hazel has married Turley and reveals to her sister that she is pregnant. Both women are afraid because the strikes are beginning and their world is not a safe place to raise a child. Hazel has evidently asked her sister for advice on how to abort the baby. The word â€Å"Company† (27) is capitalized, which brings about some interesting conclusions. The capitalization of a word implies importance, and surely the company is of infinite importance in the lives of its workers. It also gives the word a sense of authority and makes it appear threatening. Certainly the women who share this correspondence feel as dominated as the symbolic lowercase letters in the shadow of the company’s uppercase â€Å"C.† Later, the sister says, â€Å"them Baldwin-Felts / breaks things up when they put people out† (27). By referring to the guards simply by their company’s name, they are dehumanized. Perhaps the women can better cope with their personal tragedies if they do not put human names to the people who are causing them. The line break before the word â€Å"breaks† also helps to emphasize the destruc tion the guards cause when they evict striking miners from their homes. The writer ends simply by suggesting Hazel use a mixture of turpentine and sugar to abort her child. The third and most powerful poem of the Hazel series takes on a much softer tone. It seems to be a reply to a letter from Hazel asking about a doll the girls lost when they were children. The ruined toy quickly proves itself to be something more, as comparisons are drawn between the doll and the aborted baby. Hazel’s state of mind is questionable at this point, and her sister seems to be attempting to comfort her by repeatedly calling her â€Å"honey† (60). The writer remembers that the doll, named Annabelle and so given a human identity, had blue eyes like Hazel’s. The doll’s hair was made from an unraveled scarf belonging to their father. Therefore the doll is given inherited traits from its â€Å"parent† and â€Å"grandparents†, just like the aborted baby wou ld have had. The writer goes on to explain that the doll was ruined in a mudslide after a heavy rainfall, implying that the abortion was just as uncontrollable as the mudslide. She writes that when the doll was retrieved from under the porch, â€Å"she was ruint, soaked through with mud† (60). The doll’s fate seems to question whether the child would have been similarly ruined if he/she had lived. The difficult life of the mining camps may have destroyed the child, just like the doll. Both of these comparisons seem designed to comfort Hazel, who has shifted the trauma of losing her baby to the loss of the doll. She goes on to reassure Hazel with, â€Å"it was me / left Annabelle under the porch. You hear me, honey? / Wasn’t nothing you could of done† (60). Since the speaker gave Hazel the method for aborting, she is accepting personal responsibility for the death of the baby as well as the destruction of the doll. In the final selection of the H azel poems, the sister summarizes her life in the strike zone of the mining camps in Mingo County. She describes the violence and the people who have been killed so far on both sides of the conflict. The poem is fitting as a final wrap-up of the Hazel poems because it seems to wrap up the heartache and fear that she and Hazel have gone through in the last six lines: This whole camp is like a mine with a hollow-sounding roof, and hid up there in the mountain above us, where we can’t see it and can’t nothing hold it up, that old kettle bottom is waiting to drop. (67)This simile compares the mining camps to a mine with a petrified tree trunk about to drop through the roof and kill the miners. Like the miners, the families in the camp are faced with a sense of impending doom and a complete inability to control their own fate, which is ultimately in the hands of the company owners. It would be natural to consider the miners themselves when writing about the strikes of t he early 1900s in Appalachian mining. While Fisher does this, she also takes her poetry a step further in exploring the family members and loved ones of the miners. The wives of miners had to deal with the pressures of soothing their angry and hurting husbands, stretching food far enough to feed the entire family, handling unexpected pregnancies, and always fearing the siren signalling certain death for their mining husbands. Fisher uses her â€Å"My Dearest Hazel† poems to illustrate a small part of what wives went through in the mining camps, and it is certainly true that there often â€Å"wasn’t nothing [they] could of done† (60).

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Political Islam And The Middle East - 1330 Words

Political Islam is an interesting phenomenon that impacts law, policy, and international relations with the Middle East. In order to understand what Political Islam is one must first understand, as much as possible when starting from a Western Christian worldview, what Islam is. In addition to simply describing Islam a comparison to another similar or related religion, such as Christianity, is helpful. Once an understanding of Islam is established one can begin to see how it touches on every facet of Muslim life including law and policy, which affects those living within that system and the relationships it forms when engaged internationally. Islam was founded by an Arab man named Mohammed, a citizen of Medina, in the early 7th century A.D. and is considered by Muslims to be a prophet. It is said that while meditating in cave outside of Medina the angel Gabriel appeared to Mohammed and began to give him the first of over 6,000 versus of what would eventually become the Qur’an, Islam’s equivalent of the Bible. Islam is considered an Abrahamic religion because Arabs are, according to the Bible, descended from Abraham’s son Ishmael, while Jews are descended from his son Isaac. Christianity was in turn founded by Jesus Christ who was Jewish, but in creating a new covenant between God and men freed adherents from the strict and complex Jewish prescriptions. While Christianity and Islam can trace their roots back to Abraham and are similar in that they both give guidance toShow MoreRelatedSocial, Cultural And Political Features Of The Middle East1140 Words   |  5 Pages Cultural and Political Features of the Middle East The term Middle East is used to refer to the region between Afghanistan and the Atlantic Ocean on the east and west respectively. The area generally referred to as the Middle East is made of nineteen countries with a population of 3% of the world’s number (Murphy and Hussein). Although there is a heterogeneous group of people living in these countries there are some characteristics of the region that are unique to the Middle East. One of the mostRead MoreIslamic Fundamentalism is based on Islamic ideology. It is also seen as a group of religious800 Words   |  4 PagesIslamic Fundamentalism is based on Islamic ideology. It is also seen as a group of religious ideologies trying to return to the fundamentals of Islam. Muslim Brotherhood started in Egypt in the year of 1928. Muslim Brotherhood is an anti-colonial, transnational Sunni Islamist movement, it is attempting to integrate Islam into politics and government. Members of the brotherhood believe the Quran and Sunnah should be the basis of the government (Johnson, 2014). Muslim Brotherhood is not only foundRead MoreThe Gender Roles1630 Words   |  7 Pagesfrequently becomes political. For example, as babies, being a baby girl may determine how you are dressed, what toys you should be playing with or expected to be given, and the visions your parents have for your future. Also in cultures, some fathers would want their daughters to get married or as for h is son, he’d want him to go to college and become a doctor. For years women, have been coming out and challenging their gender roles placed on them by society in both America and the Middle East. There is aRead MoreMedia s Portrayal Of Islamic Extremists During The Middle East1178 Words   |  5 Pagesthe Middle East should be, which affects military spending. To what extent has the media’s portrayal of Islamic extremists affected U.S. military spending and relations with the Middle East? Social and cultural aspects play a significant role in the media’s unflattering depiction of Islamic extremists, which correlates directly to military spending and relations with the Middle East. Since 9/11, when Arabs attacked the U.S. on behalf of Afghan Islamic extremists, relations with the Middle East haveRead MoreWomen And The Middle East And North Africa1148 Words   |  5 PagesThe diversities within North Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia (cultural, religious, political, etc.) play a crucial part in the status of women and the key features of gender roles in these particular geographic regions. The Middle East and North Africa share commonalities through Arabic and Islamic culture. Establishing equalities for women amongst the current social and political changes of Middle Eastern and North African societies stands as a difficult obstacle to overcome, but inRead MoreDemocracy in the Middle East Essay1416 Words   |  6 PagesOver the last century, the Midd le East has been the location of ethnic rivalry, political and economic instability, religious conflict, territorial dispute and war. Much of this tension in the Middle East comes from the various interpretations of Islam and how the religion should be applied to politics and society. Over the last ten years, the United States and their allies have pushed to promote democracy in the Middle East. However, they too have many obstacles they must overcome. They face problemsRead MoreReanalyze the Relationship of the West and Islamic Civilization Future1142 Words   |  5 PagesWest v. Islam conflict. Democracy System v. Islamic Laws Samuel P. Huntington stated that Muslims unable to accept democracy because of the nature of Islamic law and this situation potentially lead to the virulent clash between the West and Islamic countries. He argued that Islam is the exclusive religion which is not flexible to adopt another political idea. This situation is occurred due to Islam basic system which integrates religion principle to political system. For Muslims, Islam is not onlyRead MoreMiddle East Women1551 Words   |  7 PagesJay Sammelmann Dr. Holzhauer UI350-01 4/24/13 Women of the Middle East The women of the Middle East are very interesting to look in to. They are not just another person or treated by the same standards like they are treated here in the United States. There is a lot of controversy and fighting for women’s rights throughout the Middle East. They have an extreme lack of power there and they are fighting to change that. It is not right that women are such inferior people over there because theyRead MoreMiddle Eastern Women Rights in Islamic Society1419 Words   |  6 PagesWomen Rights of the Middle East â€Å"Life is full of unhappiness and most of it caused by women (Harik and Marston 11)†. For women in the Middle East life is faced with great and unequal odds, as their human rights are limited, due to Islamic beliefs and that of patriarchy. From their daily actions at home to their physical appearance, Middle Eastern women are portrayed as quiet, faceless women veiled from head to toe. While this image is just another stereotype, women in the middle do face many obstaclesRead MoreIslam And Western Imperialism In Islam998 Words   |  4 Pagesgreatest impact on contemporary Islam. These encounters with Western powers influenced and shaped the Muslim world by introducing Islam to modernity. The Islamic world’s varied reaction to these challenges of modernity affects a wide range of issues in Islam today. To understand how the Muslim world reacted to Western influence, we must understand what they were reacting to. With the fall of the Ottoman Empire, European political ideas permeated the Middle East. Muslims were forced to respond

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Gun Control May Help Save Lives - 1394 Words

Gun Control May Help Save Lives If you ask an American why they own a gun, about sixty-seven percent of them will tell you either it is for their own protection or claim it is their right as an American. Many think that those who were injured and/or killed by guns were in, â€Å"the wrong place at the wrong time.† So then what about all those people who were killed in the Colorado movie theater shooting? Sandy Hook elementary? Columbine? Virginia tech? Were these people in the wrong place at the wrong time? The fact is it could be anyone and some Americans are afraid to do anything and go anywhere anymore with more and more incidents like this taking place. It could happen anywhere whether that be at the mall, in your backyard, or the local convenience store. You don’t have to be in the wrong place at the wrong time in fact it may even happen in the comfort of your own home. The NRA (National Rifle Association) along with some republicans argue that guns are not the issue. They state that people are not trained on gun safety/ education and with more education, less accidents will happen. The fact is, gun violence is an epidemic that has swept the nation and is an issue that is becoming worse over the years taking the lives of over 31,000 americans each year. Lets take this into consideration. More than twice the amount of children who die are from gun related crimes/accidents. Also, more than cancer and cardiovascular related diseases just in 2010 alone over 15,000 childrenShow MoreRelatedThe Issue Of Gun Control1119 Words   |  5 PagesGun control is something that the country is strongly divided on. The some on the right win g wants so few restrictions they can go to Walmart and buy an AK-47. At the same time certain members on the left wing want to take away anything bigger than an airsoft gun. There is a fine line between the two, but that is where the country needs to be. Like a clown on a unicycle, edging across a tight rope, this country needs to find balance between the two. That being said, at this point the country needsRead MorePersuasive Essay On Gun Control1424 Words   |  6 Pagesin the 9th century which lead to the creation of guns. A repeating firearm is a firearm that holds more that one cartridge and can be fired more than once between chargings. Gun control should be enforced more because it will help prevent violence, it can help stop crime, and although some people may argue that gun control should not be enforced because guns can help save people’s lives but they are wrong because people misuse guns. Gun control should be enforced more because it will preventRead MoreEssay on Gun Law Reforms869 Words   |  4 Pages Would you rather have people own a gun, especially your neighbors? Firearms are tools intended for harm against others. However, it is also common for people to misuse firearms for their own purpose. People at war use guns to harm others, totaling in millions of death due to guns. Additionally, most crimes in the world involve the use of guns. There are even arms dealers out there illegally selling weapons to the wrong people. Banning specific weapons in general won’t change the fact that peopleRead MoreThe Stop Of Gun Violence1394 Words   |  6 Pagesthe stop of gun violence is the Law Center To Prevent Gun Violence. This groups motto is â€Å"Because smart gun laws save lives†, and they dedicate the work they are trying to achieve to the victims and their families from the 101 California Street shooting in San Francisco. This organization hel ps to provide extensive and in-depth summaries of the United States federal, state, and local laws and policies involving firearms. They try to be the most comprehensive resource of information on gun regulations;Read MoreDon t Pull The Trigger On Gun Control1029 Words   |  5 Pages Don’t Pull the Trigger on Gun control Have you ever wondered why the United States always seems to have mass shootings in the news? Well, this is why gun control should be mandated in the America. Gun control is a debate fueled by the recent shootings of Colombine, Sandy Hook, Marysville Pilchuck, and the recent shooting at a social center. Gun control is a proposal to ban or further restrict gun laws, gun control has been put in place in many other countries such as Canada, The United Kingdom,Read MoreThe Streets Of Chicago, A Young People Of The United States1410 Words   |  6 Pagesmistreated, abused, and degraded. First, the government taking away guns is resulting in an increased potential of governmental tyranny and oppression. The people need to keep the government in check to prevent tyranny which is only through the people’s main source of power over the government, guns. Without guns the government has ultimate power over the people leading to suffering, death, and hardships. In the article, â€Å"Gun Control and Genocide† the Mercy Seat Christian Church claims â€Å"In 1975 ­1979Read MoreGun Control Is Needed1472 Words   |  6 PagesGun Control Is Needed Regulation of guns is a necessary action that needs to be taken in order to save lives. A good definition of gun control is needed to understand the sides and issues. Gun control is an effort to stop the rise in violent crime by strengthening laws on the ownership of firearms. Persons in the group against gun control believe that gun control is wrong, and that it is a violation of constitutional rights. Those in favor of gun control believe that gun control is goodRead MoreThe Issue Of Gun Control1031 Words   |  5 PagesWe live in a world of people infatuated with the idea that every theory has to be proven in order to be deemed valid or credible. That is what I will do in the span of this paper, restate the proven facts and integrate them in a way that will trigger a new viewpoint on the subject. Gun control is something that should be enforced across the world in order to save lives. In the United States there is a ratio of 88.8 guns per one hundred persons (GunPolicy.org). Those numbers award us with the highestRead MoreGun Save Lives : Virginia Devoe1060 Words   |  5 PagesHunter Workman Ms. Dennstedt British Literature 18 May 2015 Guns Save Lives Virginia Devoe was attacked in her home in Clintonville, Ohio by her ex-boyfriend James Ryan McVey. McVey kicked in the door and dragged Devoe through her home while beating her along the way in an attempt to kidnap her. At this point Devoe’s neighbor, Shirley Bercraft, a ninety-one year-old gun owner came to her rescue. Bercraft drew his gun and shot and killed McVey, ending many years of abuse toward Virginia Devoe. ThisRead MorePros And Cons Of Stricter Gun Control1357 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Guns are designed to kill. They have no other function† (Bowman and Newton). Today, there is a major debate whether or not guns should be legalized. Gun control is a firearm regulation which sets laws or policies that regulate the manufacture, sale, or possession of firearms. The Second Amendment was ratified in on December 15, 1791 that allowed people the right to bear arms, but many people disagree with that and to express their opinions, both sides protest. Guns have a long history in the United

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International Financial Accounting Standards

Question: Discuss about the International Financial Accounting Standards. Answer: Introduction: Conceptual Framework refers to various ideas and objectives that help to set different rules and regulation for accounting. Conceptual Framework has a great significance in the process of accounting all over the world. The role, advantages problems and critics of current conceptual framework is discussed below. Role: In the process of accounting, the conceptual framework has a significance role to play. One of the major roles of conceptual framework is to assist international Accounting Standard Board (IASB) in making the future International Financial Accounting Standards (IFRS). Not only making the rules it helps IASB to review the existing IFRSs. Conceptual framework plays an important role to make harmony among all the existing accounting rules and regulations by reducing the number of alternative accounting treatments. It helps to set a universal accounting standard. It also provides assistance to the national standard-setting bodies to set the accounting standards in the specific counties (Weil, Schipper and Francis 2013). Another major role of conceptual framework is that it helps to address the new accounting issues that are not recognized yet. Conceptual framework plays an important part in the auditing process also. It assists the auditors all over the world in forming opinions th at the financial statements of the audited organizations comply with the accounting rules and regulations of IFRS or not. The users of financial statements like the investors, stakeholders and others use the conceptual framework to interpret various facts of the financial settlements. Last but not the least, conceptual framework provide valuable information to the members of IFRS to develop new accounting rules and regulations. These are the most important roles of conceptual framework (Macve 2015). Benefits: As mentioned in the above discussion, conceptual framework is nothing but some theoretical principles that assist in the process of financial accounting and financial reporting. There are some major benefits or advantages of the conceptual framework. The major benefit of conceptual framework is that it helps to evaluate or clarify the various concepts in the accounting conceptual framework (Smieliauskas 2016). There are various accounting concepts that are tough to explain with the help of conceptual framework. Another benefit of conceptual framework is that it assists the international as well as national standards setters to set the accounting rules and regulations on a consistent basis. On the other hand, conceptual framework assists the auditors, users of financial statements and preparers of financial standard setters to understand the different approaches, nature and functions of accounting and financial information. These are the main benefits of conceptual framework (Henderson et al. 2015). Problems and Critics: One of the major problems of conceptual framework is that whether the liabilities and assets of an organization are measured based on cost or value. This is one of the problem areas where the current conceptual framework is criticized. This measurement problem has created a conflict that raises questions towards the measurement framework of assets and liabilities. Another problem is that there are many methods available for the assets and liabilities valuation and this has made the conflict more complex (Craig, Smieliauskas and Amernic 2014). General-purpose financial statement is an important financial document that assists creditors and investors in the decision making process. Various components of general-purpose financial statement are income statement, balance sheet, statement of owners equity, cash flow statement and many others. There should be some major objectives of general-purpose financial statements. The most important objective of general-purpose financial statement is to provide valuable important financial information about the reporting organization to its creditors, investors, lenders and others that assist them to take important decisions. These decisions include buying decision, selling decision, equity decision, investment decision and others. Another important objective of general-purpose financial statement should be to provide important information about the reporting entity regarding the economic resources. This information includes the information about the economic resources, various claims abo ut the organization and others (Nobes 2014). General-purpose financial statement provides other important information that affects the economic resources and claims of the reporting entity. These information has a lot of importance to the investors and others as they can judge the financial strengths and weaknesses of the organization. On the other hand, this information indicates the liquidity and solvency position of the reporting organization. Another objective of general-purpose financial statement should be providing cash flow related information to the investors and creditors. The investors can assess the reporting entitys ability to generate future cal inflows with the help of information provided by general-purpose financial statement. These should be the major objectives of general-purpose financial statement (ifrs.org 2017). In the above discussion, it is discussed that one of the most important objective of general-purpose financial statement is to provide valuable and relative information about the reporting company to the investors, creditors, lenders and others. The main agenda behind this supply of information is to make the investors, creditors, lenders and others aware about the financial position of the organization. This process will help them to take effective decisions about sales, purchase, investment and others. As per the Exposure Draft, more emphasis is given on this process so that more prominent and accurate information can be provided to the investors and others. In order to achieve this milestone, it is proposed by the Exposure Draft to reintroduce the term stewardship in a more prominent and effective way. The Exposure Draft says that the term stewardship needs to be used continuously in order to implement accountability in the accounting process (van Mourik and Katsuo 2014). In this regard, it can be said that the board has taken the right decision to reintroduce stewardship. This move has many positive impacts. First, this process will help the investors, creditors, lenders and others to take effective prominent decisions like buying and selling decisions, investment decisions, loan decisions and others. On the other hand, it will help to implement accountability in the process of accounting. In addition, this process will resolve the issue of costs from the conceptual framework. All these reasons contribute to the acceptability of the tentative decision of the board (ifrs.org 2017). Prudence is considered as one of the most important concepts in accounting. In the process of accounting, various uncertainties can be seen over some specific factors like the collection of doubtful debts, the probable useful life of plant and machinery and many others. The concept of prudence says that an accountant needs to record liabilities at the time of their occurrence, but he/she should record the revenues when they are realized. In a more precise note, prudence refers to some degree of cautious that prevents the overstatement of assets and incomes and understatement of liabilities and expenses (ifrs.org 2017). The above discussion shows the meaning of prudence. However, there is another important concept that is called Asymmetrical Prudent. There are many similarities between prudence and asymmetrical prudence. Asymmetrical prudence occurs when the accountant makes judgment about any asset or liability under the situation of uncertainty. However, there is a lot of differences between asymmetrical prudence and cautious prudence. The main function of asymmetrical prudence is to make the accounting treatment for incomes and liabilities for one period. It has been seen that the asymmetrical prudence leads to the understatement of income for one period and overstatement of incomes for the future periods. The main reason of this is that the prudence is that the accounting rules and regulations allow asymmetrical prudence to take into consideration the incomes that are assured to get after only period (Glckner 2016). The board has taken a tentative decision to reintroduce the concept of prudence in order to bring more transparency in the accounting processes of the companies. Prudence has a lot of significance in recognizing the losses than the profits. It has been decided in the Exposure draft on 18 May 2016 that in the new conceptual framework, prudence needs to be described as exercise of caution at the time of passing the judgments about uncertainty. It has been decided by the board that there is no need to separate mention the extent of prudence it has already been included in the framework. In addition, the board has also decided that the staffs need understand how to acknowledge prudence in the conceptual framework (Schilder 2013). Based on the above discussion it can be said that the reintroduction of prudence in the conceptual framework is a good idea from the side of the board. This process will give more importance to the concept of prudence and it will bring more transparency in the d etermining the future loss and gains of the organizations. However, the treatment of prudence in the Exposure Draft is not adequate. There are some major facts about prudence that are not present in the Exposure Draft. Some aspects of prudence and asymmetric prudence are missing in the Exposure Draft. One of the major issues regarding the Exposure Draft is that IASB has acknowledged the concept of prudence in the accounting process but they have not included it in the Exposure Draft. In order to make the draft more accurate, all these missing facts need to be included in it (Marshall and Lennard 2016). Another major accounting concept is the concept of substance over form. As per this concept, all the financial transactions of an organization needs to be recorded in the financial statement rather than only presenting the legal form and documents of those transactions. This is done so that the true and fair view of the business entities can be recognized. According to this concept, the accountants of the organizations have a lot of responsibility at the time of accounting. It is their responsibility to derive all the accounting and financial transactions from the various documents of the organizations and record them in the financial statements of the organization. Another reason of this action is to use these financial documents as per future references. As per the example, IAS 17 Lease can be mentioned in this regard. As per this rule, any particular asset can be leased without transferring the legal documents to the lessee. However, in this process, the transaction of lease must be recorded in the financial documents of both the parties. The process of substance over form has a great significance in the accounting process as it helps in the true and fair representation of all accounting and financial information. In presence of substance over form, all the assets and liabilities of an organization show the trues value of them (Ahmed, Sabirzyanov and Rosman 2016). According to the proposed exposure draft, it has been decided to reintroduce the concept of substance over form. It has been said in the Exposure Draft that substance over form helps to document all the information about the financial activities rather than only presenting the legal documents of those transactions. In a more precise note, it can be said that the substance over form refers to the faithful representation of all accounting and financial information. On 18 May 2016, the board has decided that the proposed Exposure Draft will include all the substances of substance over form to make the financial statement transparent (Disle et al. 2016). As per the decision of the board, the proposed Exposure Draft will describe the uncertainties in measurement to implement faithful representation. On the other hand, the Exposure draft will also include the Basis of Conclusion I the revised conceptual framework. The board has also taken decision not tom include some factors in the concep tual framework like the brief explanation of existence, measurement and outcome uncertainties and others. After the above discussion, it can be said that the board has taken a correct step regarding substance over form as this process will be resulted in the fair and true representation of all the necessary accounting and financial information. The legal documents have a lot of importance, but the true and fair presentation of accounting and financial information is necessary for the success of the organizations (Walton 2015). References Ahmed, M.U., Sabirzyanov, R. and Rosman, R., 2016. A critique on accounting for murabaha contract: a comparative analysis of IFRS and AAOIFI accounting standards.Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research,7(3). Craig, R., Smieliauskas, W. and Amernic, J., 2014. Assessing Conformity with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Using Expert Accounting Witness Evidence and the Conceptual Framework.Australian Accounting Review,24(3), pp.200-206. Disle, C., Prier, S., Bertrand, F., Gonthier-Besacier, N. and Protin, P., 2016. Business Model and Financial Reporting: How has the Concept been Integrated into the IFRS Framework?.Comptabilit-Contrle-Audit,22(1), pp.85-119. Glckner, A., 2016. New development: The protective role of conservatism in public sector accounting.Public Money Management,36(7), pp.527-530. Henderson, S., Peirson, G., Herbohn, K. and Howieson, B., 2015.Issues in financial accounting. Pearson Higher Education AU. ifrs.org. (2017).Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting. [online] Available at: https://www.ifrs.org/Current-Projects/IASB-Projects/Conceptual-Framework/Documents/May%202015/ED_CF_MAY%202015.pdf [Accessed 7 Jan. 2017]. ifrs.org. (2017).IASB Staff Paper November 2016 Effect of Board redeliberations on the Exposure Draft Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting. [online] Available at: https://www.ifrs.org/Current-Projects/IASB-Projects/Conceptual-Framework/Documents/November%202016/Summary_of_tentative_decisions_November.pdf [Accessed 7 Jan. 2017]. ifrs.org. (2017).STAFF PAPER May 2014 REG IASB Meeting. [online] Available at: https://www.ifrs.org/Meetings/MeetingDocs/IASB/2014/May/AP10I-Conceptual%20Framework.pdf [Accessed 7 Jan. 2017]. Macve, R., 2015.A Conceptual Framework for Financial Accounting and Reporting: Vision, Tool, Or Threat?. Routledge. Marshall, R. and Lennard, A., 2016. The reporting of income and expense and the choice of measurement bases.Accounting Horizons,30(4), pp.499-510. Nobes, C., 2014.International Classification of Financial Reporting 3e. Routledge. Schilder, A., 2013. The evolving role of auditors and auditor reporting. InCReCER Conference, Colombia. Smieliauskas, W., 2016. Auditability of Accounting Estimates and the IASB's Conceptual Framework Exposure Draft (2015).Browser Download This Paper. van Mourik, C. and Katsuo, Y., 2014. The IASB and ASBJ conceptual frameworks: same objective, different financial performance concepts.Accounting Horizons,29(1), pp.199-216. Walton, P., 2015. IFRS in European observer's perspective of the next 10 years.Accounting in Europe,12(2), pp.135-151. Weil, R.L., Schipper, K. and Francis, J., 2013.Financial accounting: an introduction to concepts, methods and uses. Cengage Learning.

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To Earthward By Robert Frost Essays - Aesthetics, Poetic Form

To Earthward By Robert Frost English IV AP February 2000 To Earthward Robert Frost's To Earthward is an intimate lyric in which an old man reflects upon his passionate experiences with love as a youth and the lack of such experiences in his old age. Through diction, imagery and structure, the tone of the speaker changes from one of gentle nostalgia to resentment toward the ephemeral nature of love. The entire poem, which consists of eight quatrains, adheres to a structure of six syllables in the first three lines of a quatrain and four syllables in the last line. Also throughout the colloquial piece are external rhymes, which are sometimes imperfect, but are used to keep the steady rhythm. This use of diction and structure makes the poem seem more universal. The speaker's situation is one that we all will experience someday. Alliteration is for emphasize in bitter bark/ And burning clove (23-24) and stiff and sore and scarred (25). The alliteration of harsh B and blunt S sounds accentuate the speaker's discontent with the dispassionate state of his current way of life. In the first four quatrains the speaker is reminiscing about his experiences with love in his youth. He recalls how little it took to enchant him and that love at the lips was touch/ as sweet as I could bear (1-2) for in his youth love had seemed extremely intense. Vivid descriptions create a vibrant and fragrant image of his early love as a musk/ From hidden grapevine springs/ Downhill at dusk (6-8) that made him feel as though he would swirl and ache/ From sprays of honeysuckle/ That when they're gathered shake/ Dew on the knuckle (9-12). But the image of a rose petal that stings in lines 15-16 begins the speaker's diversion toward resentment. He implies that the joyful aspects of love are so intense because of the pain and tension that accompany love. Now that he is old, the speaker feels the need to live passionately before he dies. He no longer fears the pain that accompanies love because he desperately longs for the intense love he experienced as a youth. He crave(s) the stain/ Of tears, the aftermark/ Of almost too much love (21-22) because he did not appreciate the transient nature of love until too late in his life. He is left to pound on the ground (his future resting-place), resentful that his longing for love will never be as intense as the experience of love itself. Poetry and Poets

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Essay Starbucks Financial Statements

Essay Starbucks Financial Statements Essay Starbucks Financial Statements Starbucks Financial Statements Analysis 1. Starbucks is a globally well-known brand of specialty coffee over 60 countries. Founded in 1985, Starbucks has high reputation for selling high quality coffee as well as tea and other beverages and fresh food through a well decorated and elegant in-store environment. The main initiative for Starbucks is to â€Å"maintain Starbucks standing as one of the most recognized and respected brands in the world.† Aiming to achieve this goal, the globally disciplined expansion and continuous new coffee and categories are two main methods. 2. As the CEO mentioned in letters to shareholders, â€Å"First, we will remain committed to our coffee core. Second, we will exercise relevant, timely, and courageous innovation.† The most significant internal strengthen of Starbucks is the attention focused on core business-high quality and premium handcrafted coffee. In order to achieve this, Starbucks’s company-operated store in U.S. is about 61%. The internal weakness is also obvious, which is the price. Starbucks’s price is apparently higher than other competitors, which could easily lose customer in times of economic hardship. â€Å"In the China and Asia Pacific region in 2012, we once, again posted strong annual returns, including 11 consecutive quarters of double-digit comparable store sales growth.† The global expansion strategy of Starbucks enables Starbucks to compete in a worldwide stage and leverages the revenue with a huge potential, which is a considerable external opportunity. The major threat is from Starbucks’s competitors, McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts. They are both offering low ends coffee and challenging Starbucks based on their large scale of sale. 3. In Starbucks case, the auditing firm offered unqualified opinion, which means† states that the financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position, results of operations, and cash flows of the entity, in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles.† 4. The net sale of 2012 was strong and achieved $6,630.5 million compared to $5,882.4 million in 2011 and $5,231.2 million in 2010. The selling, general and administrative expenses also increased modestly from $1,457.6 million to $1,596.2 million. Due to the strong in sale, the operating income rose to $782.1 million from $630 million in 2011. Moreover, the interest expense, net reduced from $5.6 million to $2.9 million as a consequence of reducing short term borrowing in order to achieve a more conservative capital structure. The net income achieved $488.3 million in 2012, compared to past two years was a great success due to the outperforming sale. Therefore, the basic net income per share ended with $4.06 per share and $4.03 diluted net income per share which was impressive. 5. The cash reduced slightly from $311.2 million in 2011 to $288.3 million in 2012. The short term investments turned to zero at 2012 compared to $174.8 million in 2011 as a way to slow down the domestic expansion. Besides, the long–term debt remained identical in the past year. The merchandise increased from $803.1 million to $867.4 million during 2012. Meanwhile the property, land and plant increased greatly from

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Two-Criteria, Two-Alternative Decision Template Essay

Two-Criteria, Two-Alternative Decision Template - Essay Example It will feature originality of growing organics, herbs and flowers that would attract the large population of Bedrock as people are getting to be health conscious. It has an assurance of flow of customers because of location. The flow of customers generates new needs and new markets. Thus, it creates competences to arrive at ideas to promote its products and services. There is no competition in the farmhouse location and French cooking is a new dining experience Traffic is not much a problem. The extra 15 minute drive to the farmhouse compensates the time between beating downtown traffic. The local critic can become a word of mouth in advertising the place and could be a possible source of capital. [$1,200 x 5 years = $72,000 vs. $600 x 5 years =$36,000] =$36,000. The savings on lease could be devoted to development of the landscape, garden, and open door dining. It will also be a good place for family gathering and children. Besides, option to buy is a good proposition. Option B is recommended because of the originality of ideas that is designed to meet customer demands. It also answers your requirement for a modest capital, a steady flow of customers, and for a quick income. On Option A – the growth potential in downtown area is limited because of the stiff competition that saturates the area. There are other restaurants offering French cuisine which is the attraction of Flintstone restaurant. Because it is in downtown, customers have many choices and establishing a new restaurant in the area needs more attractions to develop interest of customers. It has to do a lot of advertising and promotion to create awareness of people passing by. Cost of operations in downturn area is a big challenge as it is more expensive. Lease in downturn is higher that is complemented by higher cost of supplies and labor. Option A is not a good selection